Take Your Organization to the Next Level of Productivity

256 Bit AES Encryption with safe shares and policies and alerts for HIPAA compliance

server or Serverless File Sync of Mission Critical Data

What is it?


With ShareMyfilesSecurely, we can provide you encrypted, business grade, secure cloud based access to files, real-time file sync along with continuous backup and rapid restore of data.

What does it do?


With ShareMyFilesSecurely, you can access files securely from any computer, phone or tablet, from any location. 

We can replace the file server and VPN with an easier to use solution for your file storage. 

ShareMyfilesSecurely provides protection from harmful malware and ransomware and has the ability to restore unlimited revisions of files and ensure that files can never be erased from the system.

Is This Your Situation?


Do you need access to on prem data from other locations?

Have you had a ransomware infection, or a corrupted or lost file that could not be recovered?

Does your workforce use mobile devices, work at home or at branch locations?

Have you lost or been unable to restore files saved to a local endpoint device?

Do your employees use Dropbox or public file shares?

Do you need HIPAA or other regulatory compliance?

Do you avoid replacing expensive hardware and systems?