Certified Consultant Services

Get a deep dive into your sales funnel

Not using a CRM? You have little chance to compete....

Trying to compete in today's business environment without a CRM is as  bad as not having a computer. Businesses large and small rely on a  contact manager to store important data on customers and prospects. Why  do you need a CRM? The answer is simple. SPEED! What good is it to call  on an account if they just purchased from a competitor? Professionally  managing customers and prospects in a database is a core function of  Act! Track notes, activities and opportunities to drive your sales. Ask  us how. Call 410-798-7365 

Facchina is one of the few if not the only Act! Certified Consultant who also offers IT support.


  • Contact Management Planning
  • Sales Team Management
  • Expectation Targeting
  • Database Creation and Customization
  • Direct Mail Programming
  • Template Development
  • Report Writing
  • Data Import/Export Support
  • PDA and Phone Integration
  • System Support
  • Computer Support
  • Sales Team Training
  • Administrator Training
  • emarketing Planning
  • emarketing Template Development
  • Data scrub